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SFU offers only competency-based programs and opens its admissions to as many students as possible. The admission process is designed to help you learn about the nature of study at SFU and to help both you and the university reach an informed decision about your enrollment.
SFU is a private, non-profit university and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, military or veteran status, or other status protected by applicable federal, state, local, or other law.

Application Online

If you prefer, you may download a SFU Application (PDF file) to fill out and send it by mail.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and properly view this file.   

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Admissions Process

  • Application
    Complete the Application for Admissions. You should include transcripts of prior academic credit earned. If you do not have student copies of your transcripts, request them from the appropriate university or college and have them sent directly to SFU. If you will not be submitting transcripts from a University or College, you must include proof of a high school diploma. In addition, please include copies of your professional licenses as well as copies of professional certificates.

  • Application Evaluation
    SFU will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your prior academic credit, relevant educational training, and learning experiences. Within ten working days of receipt of your application, we will prepare a detailed Evaluation Report. This report will outline those courses we have determined you should take and those courses for which we have accepted transfer credit.

  • Transferring
    Undergraduate students may transfer up to 94 hours of credit from four-year, degree-granting institution. Graduate students may transfer a combined maximum of 15 semester hours of transfer credit and prior learning credit to be used on a master's degree program.

    You will first need to apply for admission to SFU. SFU requires one transcript from each institution you have attended.

Tuition & Fees
  • Tuition
    Bachelor's $150.00 per unit
    Master's $250.00 per unit

  • Optional Fees
    Alumni Association (Annual) $100.00
    Change of Degree Program $100.00
    Extra Diploma $100.00
    Transcript (per copy) $25.00

Tuition Refund Policy

Students who wish to withdraw from their Degree Program must provide the University with written notice via certified mail. The following percentages apply to refunds for tuition paid in full. Students on the monthly payment plans are not eligible for a tuition refund until tuition due to the University has been paid.

0-34 days - 100%
35-44 days - 80%
45-60 days - 60%
Over 60 days -0%


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