A Better Learning Environment for Our Children

As the chaos with the current Taiwanese Government's Education Bureau continues, the negative impact of it has already fallen on our next generation. Many parents are desperate to find a solution for their children's future; they indeed have every right to do so. Given the trend of globalization and the quality of education and unrivalled living environment, giving your kids the opportunity to study in Canada is the best way when you are seeking such solution.

  • Canada has safe, clean and friendly suburban and rural neighbourhoods located within minutes of the City of Vancouver.
  • High quality education comprised of excellent government certified teachers, award-winning athletic teams, and last but not least, well equipped and modern schools.
  • A chance to experience the multicultural society of Canada, and also in schools, students has the advantage of specialized support services provided by counsellors and multicultural and youth workers.
  • Compared with studying in the United States and the United Kingdom, Canada is the most cost efficient.
  • to Canada's geographical advantage to the U.S., students have the option of pursuing their post-secondary education after they have finished and graduated from secondary school in Canada.

The Best Choice of Environment

Canada has a safe, clean environment and is politically neutral among other developed countries. The City of Vancouver within the Province of British Columbia, located on the west coast of Canada, has been claimed as one of the best city to live by the likes of [TIME] many times. Surrey, known as the "City of Parks", is one of the most beautiful cities within the Greater Vancouver area.

Warm summers and mild winters provide students chanced to enjoy outdoor activities all year long. The Surrey School District provides a strong foundation for international students to experience academic success while enjoying a comfortable and healthy Canadian lifestyle.

The Surrey School District is the largest public school district in British Columbia, Canada. It is the ideal place to achieve your academic goals, with highly qualified and dedicated teachers and support staff, and the excellent instruction provided by government certified teachers.  

International students are integrated into regular classes and supported by welcoming, professional staff and friendly Canadian students. English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction will be provided as necessary.

"We are proud of our educational programs and we want to share it with the world."

Canada's School System

Canada has a 12-year public school system.
  • Elementary School Grade1~7
  • Secondary School Grade 8~12

    School starts every September for one school year and goes until the June of next year. Some schools may accept students in January during the mid-year point.

Age of International Students:

  • Enter Public Elementary School Grade 7:

    Age: 12 year-old

    Advantage: Starting from Grade 7 in a Canadian Elementary School have a huge advantage of studying with Canadian kids and learn native English speaking ability.

  • Enter Public Secondary School Grade 8-12:

    Age: 13-18 year-old

    Advantage: Starting at a Secondary School in Canada, students have the opportunity to meet a different variety of people, have a good social life and become accustomed to the Canadian environment. Also, secondary schools have ESL (English as a Second Language) classes and friendly counselor, altogether to help and guide international students through their learning curve.

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