This workshop provides you with the instruction and all materials to enable you to design and complete your own mosaic mirror(apprx. 24"x24"). We also offer smaller projects such as flower pots, candle holder and small round or square mirrors. The principles learned during this workshop will enable you to create other future mosaic projects on your own.
  • The cost of workshop:
    - Large mirror $99
    - Small mirror $49
    - Flower pot large $35
    - Flower pot small $25
    - Candle holder $25
  • Supplies and materials used:
    - instructional hand-out - disposable rubber glove
    - mirror shape of your choice - wood form of your choice
    - tile nippers - tile adhesive
    - tile grout - adhesive applicators
    - grout float and sponge - burnishing glass
    - mirrored glass
  • Preparation prior to the first class:
    At the time of booking your class and paying, you will be asked to select a shape for your mirror. You can choose from six different patterns. If you have a specific design in mind, we can provide a custom pattern for a small extra fee. We recommend that you make a sketch of the mosaic design you wish to create so that you can transfer that design to the mirror if you so wish.
  • Step one:
    The mirror pattern you selected will be given to you and you may begin by drawing your design, if you have one, onto the wood back. You will then select your mosaic pieces(tesserce) and lay them cut on the pattern. When you are satisfied with the layout, you will begin affixing the pieces using the tile adhesive.
  • Step two:
    During this class, you will be applying grout to your tiled mirror. Upon completion, the grout requires 24 to 48 hours to thoroughly dry.