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Cavan Ventures Inc. is a Vancouver based TSX Venture-listed junior mining company with acquisitions in British Columbia, Canada.


The Company's vision is to become a globally diversified resources company with strong focuses in gold, silver, iron ore and copper. It strives to become a mid-tier producer through the acquisition of mines producing iron ore and copper mineral resources in China, and continues in development of its gold projects in B.C., Canada.

Development Strategy

  • Focus on identifying other advanced projects that match our corporate growth objective of building a well-balanced mineral asset base that is strategically diversified globally. Build shareholder wealth through the advancement of these projects to production, and sustainable development of a strong financial profile among these projects. Establish these projects as free cash flow machine for the company’s overall acquisition strategy.

  • Acquire key exploration projects with excellent discovery potential, similar to our Kaslo (previously known as Emerald) and KM (or Kisgegas) projects on-hand, at the same time continue the use of Canadian Exploration Expenditure program on these projects in Canada.
  • With a change in the world economic environment, and a recession looming in the U.S. as well as in some countries, we want to strategically position the company in countries with a mining friendly climate, abundant mineral resources available, great appetite of demands for these resources within its own domestic economy or economic region, a skilled workforce and a progressive and developed infrastructure program, and of course high economic growth potential. All these criteria or consideration lead us to countries like China, Canada and NA.

  • Leverage and utilize the experience of the company’s board and management in exploration, mining and finance to develop its growth strategy in China and North America. Attract and retain the best management and front-line team that together will build the foundation for long term success through entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, communication, passion, trust and hard work.
  • Foster the growth and success of the communities where we operate, become leaders in environmental and social responsibility, and strive for the safety within a rewarding workplace.

  • Create strategic relationships in all degrees of the mine operation cycle, from production requirements, to product delivery mechanisms, that will create increased efficiencies and cost savings.