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As University expands worldwide, it works with a list of affiliates in different continentals and has strong ties with them. Aside from self-pace distance-learning programs, these affiliates have also begun to offer on-campus courses for Bachelor's and Master's programs. On the whole, the aim is to provide different alternatives to mature learners and deliver the knowledge to them by the flexible, efficient and effective means.

South Korea Japan

International Administrative Office:

Please feel free to contact a University International Administrative Office regarding questions and comments, or for more information.

General Information:

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Kwantlen University a distance learning institute?
Kwantlen University now collaborates with key international representatives to offer a wide range of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree programs worldwide.

Kwantlen University utilizes modern methods of distance learning to take education to the next level. Consequently, even the busiest individual can complete their remaining degree requirements through independent study at home or while on the job, all on a flexible schedule. The University offers the choice of location and programs to help students to enrich their life, enhance their career horizon or make the most out of their leisure time.

2. Why does Kwantlen University collaborate with affiliates worldwide?
With increased demand in quality education worldwide, Kwantlen University expands and operates abroad in confidence of extending education opportunity to international students who either wish to study in their local areas or have difficulty in obtaining U.S. student visa. Currently, it has begun collaborating with several affiliates in Asia, and has strong ties with them. On the whole, the aim is to provide different alternatives to mature learners with different needs.

3. Is there any difference between the educational qualifications obtained from self-pace study and those from international affiliates?
All educational qualifications issued by Kwantlen University, either locally or through official extended centers are of the same authenticity and credibility

4. Is the entire program completed through distance learning?
All Kwantlen University students work at their own pace and location. All exams and research can be completed through the Internet, and with the assistant from our faculty. A major benefit of Kwantlen University and its distance learning programs is that student can earn his degree in his spare time, without compromising his work schedule.

5. How long will it take to complete my degree?
This depends entirely upon the student's available time and motivation. Because the Kwantlen University's program is based on self-study model, student will determine the amount of work he accomplish. On average, our students earn their degree in approximately 12-18 months.

6. Can I transfer credits from other schools?
If a student has prior college or technical school courses, he can transfer those documented credit hours towards his Kwantlen University degree.

7. When can I enroll?
Kwantlen University does not impose an academic calendar on its students. Therefore student can enroll at any time. Kwantlen University rolling admissions and graduation policy program allows student to start his studies immediately after registration. There are no semester timetables to keep up with. Student will decide when to begin the program and control his coursework. Our students graduate when they complete their degree requirements.

8. Do I ever have to attend a class or seminar?
Generally, there is no residency or attendance requirement to the Kwantlen University distance-learning programs. However, we do offer on-campus courses in our overseas affiliates.

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