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1. What is nickel?
Everything about nickel, including: nickel definition, nickel usage, nickel reserves, nickel production and demand, nickel price and etc.

2. Where nickel is used?
Nickel, nickel everywhere. . Did you know nickel is used in over 300,000 products for consumer, industrial, military, transport, aerospace, marine and architectural applications? The following link introduces the details of nickel usage.

3. Primary nickel production and primary nickel usage
Statistics show us the total world nickel production and total world nickel usage, and their allocation among each country from 1997 to 2006.

4. China Nickel
Nickel has a sustainable future. China has been playing an important role as the world largest consumer of nickel and its fast-growing consumption. See the link below for details. www.nickelinstitute.org/index.cfm/ci_id/16492/la_id/1/document/1/re_id/0/ file/China_Nickel_2007.pdf

5. Nickel Market Outlook-2008 and Beyond
Did you know nickel industry is a highly concentrated industry? Largest five producers control 61% of the nickel market. And the Chinese demand curve and the World demand curve for nickel is estimated to keep on rising in 2008 for the foreseeable future. The following link will explain to you overall nickel supply and consumption rates and how this will affect the future nickel price trends.

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Material change report - English
Material change report - English
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